About Alena Invest...

Alena Invest is a SICAV founded in 2000 and regulated under the Luxembourg law. It is promoted, managed, administered and controlled by leading professionals. The fund follows a multi-manager approach by allocating assets to various external managers’ whit different styles and investment strategies and covering a variety of asset classes.

The SICAV is an AIFM (« Alternative Investment Fund Manager ») approved by the supervisory authority CSSF in Luxembourg (www.cssf.lu ). The SICAV is registered as an authorized Alternative Fund Manager under the Luxembourg law of 12 July 2013 relating to alternative investment fund managers and to the European regulations on this subject. The SICAV is for qualified investors and its sub-funds are considered as complex financial products under the financial legislation. The SICAV is not commercialized nor distributed by third parties. Subscriptions and reimbursements of shares have to be introduced through the custodian bank of the SICAV.

The fund is promoted and managed in the exclusive interest of the investors by Alena S.A (www.alena.be ), an Investment Company (société de bourse/beursvennootschap) supervised by the National Bank of Belgium (www.nbb.be ). The assets of the fund are kept in custody by UBS Luxembourg (www.ubs.com/lu ), one of the world’s leading banking groups. Northern Trust Global Services Plc, Luxembourg Branch, also provides bookkeeping and Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation. The auditor is BDO in Luxemburg, an international, integrated and independent organization.

The investment philosophy favors long-term returns and risk diversification by allocating the assets to several managers while combining different investments strategies. Its management is based on three fundamental principles:

  • coherence in investment strategies in order to build the appropriate portfolio and to give a clear performance attribution;
  • rigorous manager selection and constant monitoring through a disciplined quantitative and qualitative analysis, focused on the consistency of results;
  • use of principles and methods of institutional management (benchmarking performance, cost control, peers comparison, reference-checks, eliminating the sources of conflicts of interest, etc ...).

With an established "track record", this mutual fund is an efficient and diversified investment vehicle which gives access to the expertise of the best managers around the world at competitive conditions and which allows investors, according to their objectives, to build portfolios with an optimal risk/return.