In a nutshell

Alena Invest is a diversified umbrella fund (SICAV) comprising different sub-funds following an independent multi-management approach by allocating the assets to several managers combining different investment styles and strategies. Being a diversified fund of funds vehicle with an established "track record", Alena Invest offers, at attractive conditions, access to the best managers around the world and allows investors to optimize the risk / return of their portfolio.

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Alena Invest – Crescendo

Alena Invest – Crescendo is a fund of equity funds and similar investments focusing on regions, sectors and the most attractive strategies, offering a global diversified portfolio of equity investments and targeting on medium-term capital appreciation.

Recommended investment period : 5 + years.
Weekly liquidity.

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Alena Invest – Patrimonia

Alena Invest – Patrimonia is a fund of funds investing in traditional and alternative UCITS funds or similar investments, across diverse managers and different asset classes, offering a diversified investment with a well-balanced risk/return profile.

Recommended investment period: 3 + years.
Weekly liquidity.

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Alena Invest – Nobilis

Alena Invest-Nobilis Is a fund of funds dedicated to alternative investments in different universes or asset classes without allocation constraints (stocks, bonds, loans, currencies, commodities, real assets, etc.) targeting absolute performance with low correlation to traditional financial markets and with moderate volatility.

Recommended investment period: 3 + years.
Monthly liquidity.

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Alena Invest Funds allow building diversified and well balanced portfolios to meet investors’ needs in terms of risk/ return objectives. The allocation among Alena Invest funds here below corresponds to the investment profiles usually implemented in wealth management.

This is an indicative allocation to be adjusted to specific needs and to be implemented with the appropriate flexibility.

(2012 - 2017)

Conservative Balanced Growth oriented
Cumulative performance 16,42% 23,05% 31,36%
Annualized performance 3,09% 4,24% 5,61%
Annualized volatility 4,05% 5,47% 7,28%
Maximum drawdown -7,63% -9,91% -12,53%
Worst month -3,47% -4,89% -6,57%
Negative months 36,67% 17,50% 16,67%